Hello. I’m Ian. The Nerd.

Sometime in my early 30s I found myself pulling a Neville Longbottom, furiously searching for something I felt like I’d forgotten but NO idea what that forgotten thing actually was. It’s a deeply unsettling and maddeningly persistent feeling - like a horrible jingle you discover yourself humming all day whenever you let your guard down. I tried many things to fix the problem including moving states, too much alcohol, hot yoga, and even buying a boat I definitely couldn’t afford. I was trying any key I could insert into the newly discovered lock.

For a long time, friends had been telling me that I should ‘tryout’ doing voice-over work but when I looked into it, I annoyingly found that unlike most careers, there is very little guidance to find a path. After some consideration I decided that if the point was just to ‘make stuff,’ so that I could get better and develop myself, I didn’t need access to someone else’s gateway in the internet era. So, I sat down and wrote a script about a show I’d become consumed by and edited it into a video called Why You Should Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In that video, I mentioned that Buffy’s first season was a little rough and, for people who just wanted to get into the show, I would create a short little episode guide just to get them through the first season.

At the time of this writing, it’s four and a half years later. I have spent thousands of hours editing four seasons of that episode guide. I have started a new one for the shows spin-off, Angel. I have plans to begin ones for other shows. I have spoken at and hosted panels for comic conventions across the country. I have made friends with creators and fans around the world. This is not at all where I thought things would end up but, for now, I almost never discover that annoying jingle playing over and over again in my head anymore. When I do, I make a video. Peace is the gift of regular expression.

It took me a long time to figure out what Passion of the Nerd was but I started to find it’s shape through the journey it was taking ME on. On any average day it’s a chance to make someone laugh over our shared interests. But my favorite experience of art is the one in which we find ourselves. That movie, piece of music, performance, or show that makes us feel like it’s creator opened up our heart to take a picture of it’s inner depths. And I love talking about why media MATTERS and finding those moments in popular culture. Sometimes I get to distill those moments for other people and when I do, I hope it does for them what the channel has done for me.

Strip away the pretense and allow you to see yourself.

Ian Martin

Ian Martin