Jessica Stayton

I am Jess, the least neurotic of the group. I enjoy wine and replaying Dragon Age Origins a thousand times with my cat, who has found a lover in my rabbit, Bilbo. Garus is bae. Let me live my spicy life.


Jack Kramme

Hailing from Australia, I, Jack, am the only member of the group who talks funny and has medium to high levels of neuroses. The resident tattooed and pierced metal head, I would say my greatest achievement was playing the role of The Dingo in a primary school live rendition of the children’s book "Wombat Stew". If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be Vietnamese style pork rolls.


Audrey Lee

An old school Whedonist, my formative internet years were spent on Buffy message boards, reading Spuffy fiction, and watching fan vids. Not much has changed. Message boards are now Twitter, Spuffy fiction is now Something Awful, and fan vids became The Passion of the Nerd on YouTube.


Boris Prole

Hi, I’m Boris. Long time Passion of the Nerd fan turned part-time collaborator and Keeper of the Lore. I’m currently residing in Ontario but I’ll often be found online. Have a very healthy appreciation for genre fiction and discussing it with folks on the inter webs since it’s often hard to find people interested in talking about dumb thing happened in the latest episode of such and such.