Why You Should Watch

August 19, 2014

Season 1

The Master, the Anointed One, and Angel. Oh my! Buffy and the show (and these videos) look for their identity.

Season 2

The series really begins to hit its stride. Romance is in the air. Characters are tested. And Spike. Can’t forget Spike.

Season 3

The climax of the high school years. Perhaps without an emotional blow like a “Prophecy Girl” or a “Becoming”. But hey, there’s no “Go Fish”s or “I, Robot… You Jane”s either. Also introduces us to a vengeance demon named Anya and a rambunctious young Slayer named Faith.

Season 4

Buffy heads to college. This season offers a lot of new. Some great, some less so. Great episodes strung together by an iffy story arc. Also take notice of lies.

Season 5

…you haven’t even begun.