Have you seen [insert show here]?

Maybe! Probably not. I’m pretty vocal about my favorites and viewing habits on Twitter (@iannitram) so if you haven’t seen me mention it, there’s a good chance I never got through it. We keep a running list of shows suggested to me and occasionally have subscribers vote on the next thing I get to watch so by all means, throw something out.

How did you get into Buffy?

In 2012 I was in a bit of a personal rut and my friend Nigel came to take me to a movie and cheer me up. The movie was The Avengers and I was so taken by the comedy and surprises in the movie that I asked Nigel what Whedon stuff I should checkout next. He said, “Well, you could watch Buffy but there is a ton of it. I would start with Firefly.” Given the funk I was in, I went with Buffy instead. A giant pile of universe to get lost in had a certain appeal. By “Prophecy Girl” I was intrigued. By “Innocence” I was hooked.

When will the next Guide be up?

I have tried for years to stick to a schedule and will continue to do so but if you’ve been following the channel for awhile you know my batting average is low on that one. I’ll say, hopefully by Friday, but the reality is: When it’s done.

How might I support the content?

Details on how to help with my work on the channel can be found in the How to Support the Channel page on the website.


What media were you planning on reviewing in the future?

I’ll be starting a new review series for Firefly this year. But in the long run I’d love to talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and even Dollhouse. That should last me to the grave.

Did you have any advice on critique or video production?

Ultimately, I’ll probably make a video to answer this question but my short term advice for starting out is that once you’ve figured out the kind of content you want to make, CONSUME as much of it that other people are making as you can. And do so with a critical eye. What do they do well? Are they mic’d? What is their lighting setup? What do you think they could do better? What about their format do you like? What don’t you like? And then copy, copy, copy. My first set of videos owed everything to other creators I admired like Red Letter Media, Zero Punctuation, and Every Frame A Painting. I didn’t really start to find my voice until the second season of the Buffy guide. But you can’t find your voice until you start and learn how to use it.

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

I have no idea. But I probably started the channel to figure that out for myself.