There are numerous ways to support the channel.

One of the only reasons the channel exists, is Patreon. With Patreon you can pledge various amounts of money for a number of clever perks. Click the button below for more details. 

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Additionally, you can donate via the Superchat option on YouTube (click on the money symbol). This can be done during any streams that happen to be going on (and they are fairly common so you shouldn't have to wait long).

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For those feeling adventurous you may purchase official Passion of the Nerd merchandise through TeeSpring (also seen in the Merchandise section of the Store).

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Digital products are also available. Currently these are in the form of commentary tracks which can also be found in the Store. They may be purchased via PayPal as well as MasterCard, American Express, Visa or any of the other payment methods supported by Stripe.

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Purchasing items from my lists on Amazon gives me income.

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Finally, we, here at TPN, are not particularly artists of the draw'y design'y variety. If YOU are and want to support the channel with a cool drawing of yours that we could put on a shirt, shoot us an e-mail at “”.

But even if you can’t do ANY of that, watching the channel, commenting, and sharing with like minds is help enough. Trust me. It all matters.